There are a number of preparatory steps that must be taken before one actually enter the process of meditation.  Without these preparative steps, one will not get the full experience of the meditation as restlessness will invariably distract you. Just as an athlete must warm up before his performance, so must a meditator prepare before casting himself into the realm of the inner world.

It is also very important to have a teacher to learn to meditate.  Meditation is not sitting quietly and focusing on a single thought or repeating a mantra or even trying to have no thoughts.  When you truly meditate, you are embarking on a journey of the inner world – uncharted territory for most people.  Our Swaminis and Swamis will assist in your journey to the inner world by helping overcome common challenges when learning to meditate.

Upon completion of the classes, students will have the option of advancing further by requesting to receive Brahm Gyan – the technique of Self Realization.

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