Music, whether vocal or instrumental has the power to evoke strong emotions, build focus, improve motivation and enhance meditation. It can strengthen the immune system, improve posture, sleep and lower stress levels.  Melodic music or chanting has a soothing impact on our being.  Music can be a social activity, but it can also be a very spiritual experience. In ancient India, the divine power of music was used to enhance one’s journey on the spiritual path.


Singing is a form of expression and often used as part of worship. The beautiful melodies and harmonies can be very therapeutic. The morning Riyaz (singing practice) frees the mind from sleep and awakens the senses for the day’s activities.  The evening Riyaz calms the nerves and settles the mind for the evening wind-down.

Students will learn bhajans (spiritual hymns and devotional songs) to enhance their understanding of the spiritual path. 

Harmonium and Tabla

Playing a musical instrument is a very enriching experience. It is a skill and discipline that will last a lifetime.

Students will be taught raga (classical Indian music) and tala (rhythmic beats in Indian classical music) and learn how to play them on the harmonium and tabla.

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