Swami Radeshwaranand Ji lovingly referred to as Swamiji has dedicated his life to create wellness in people’s lives. As the Director of Divine Light World, he has been at the forefront of simplifying spirituality, making it digestible and easy to incorporate into daily lives.

Swamiji challenges people to question their preconceptions and helps people to master their minds to manage stress as well as achieve sound, mind, and body health. His message is one of self-awareness for internal and external transformation. He counsels countless people in North America changing the lives of many. He delivers thought provoking sermons, leads yoga classes and, as a meditation ambassador teaches the practical techniques for personal evolution.

Sadhvi Bhavya serves humanity by awakening them to the Self. She has been doing this by bringing the ancient practices from India to the West for over two decades now. She is a Registered Naturotherapy Practitioner with a specialization in Ayurveda, an Iridologist, and an Ambassador of Meditation and Yoga. Bhavya dedicates her life to enriching the lives of others.

She helps nourish and nurture people through their journeys of personal growth with great wisdom and compassion. As an Ayurvedic Practitioner, she advocates that the body has to be treated as a whole so provides integrative protocols including diet, lifestyle practices, herbs, yoga, and profound meditation techniques. She understands how stress if left untreated, can seep into the body and mind- this can have adverse effects on quality of life. She works with individuals helping them balance from the inside out using Ayurvedic and Yogic techniques thereby restoring health and joy. As a Meditation ambassador, she has been addressing and guiding audiences to awaken the self and create inner harmony between the body, mind, and soul.

Sadhvi Puneeta was born in California, USA. She was blessed with Brahm Gyan at the age of 16. By the grace of Guru, she took sanyaas at the age of 22. She has been serving the children of God since then by various means: ayurveda, functional medicine, meditation, yoga, pranayama, breathwork, and spiritual counseling.

The fondest memory she has of Guru is when she first saw Him.

In her words: There was a group of us traveling together from California. We formed a queue outside the door to enter. This was the greatest moment of my life. One by one we went in, bowed at his feet, and sat down. I was up next to enter the door to his room. As I looked up His eyes were piercing through my soul. I had entered the vicinity of His divinity. I had never felt such bliss. He was sitting on His chair looking right into my eyes. I couldn’t help but cry. I fell at his feet crying like a baby. My soul finally had reached its destination. I will never forget that feeling of being home. There was a complete cessation of thoughts. I had entered a realm unknown where only The Divine and I reside. The rest of the people in the room faded away. There was only one thing my heart was yearning for and that was to keep looking at Maharaj ji like an obsession.

Her message to you: My Guru’s inspirational words are, “Become an instrument of the Divine so He may flow through you and touch the lives of others.”


Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji’s outlook is universal yet simple. His message is filled with strength, depth and vision.

His ultimate goal is to attain World Peace.

To bring about such noble change, Shri Ashutosh Maharaji teaches that an individual must undergo an inner evolution. This inner evolution begins with the attainment of Brahm Gyan. As an individual’s inner consciousness grows and inner peace prevails, others will be drawn to this peace and seek it for themselves.

As more and more people begin to seek their own inner peace, the peace that began with a single individual, now expands to their family, community, society, nation and eventually the world.

Upon mastering this technique, Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji began spreading his message of peace in small villages throughout India, moving to Punjab, India in 1984. His arrival in Punjab was at a very difficult time.

It was through his message of peace and impartation of Brahm Gyan – Self-Realization, that Maharaj Ji was able to re-establish inter-faith harmony in Punjab. However, there are a number of other initiatives that have been undertaken by Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji.

He has not discriminated against anyone in delivering his message of peace. Through his organization, he has created a reformation program based in Tihar Prison, the largest prison in New Delhi, India. He believed that punishment could not change an individual’s thoughts, actions and tendencies. Instead, he illuminated prisoners with the Brahm Gyan technique to awaken their inner “Self” and guide. This has helped quell negative thoughts and dark tendencies within the prisoners. Many of these prisoners now share their personal experiences of change and peace and have become advocates for societal reform.

Maharaj Ji has also taken a keen interest in helping some of the most vulnerable in society. For the first time in India’s history, a person, Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, has given people with disabilities hope and a new life. He has given them a life of dignity. Through the technique of Brahm Gyan, Maharaj Ji has improved their self-esteem, enabled them to recognize their potential and helped them understand that they are not limited by their disability.

Drug and alcohol abuse are rampant in India’s youth. Through the SAM program, Maharaj Ji has given new hope to many youths. Many SAM participants were once active users of drugs and abusers of alcohol. However, through the technique of Brahm Gyan, many have progressed in a more positive direction and are motivated to become an asset to society. Through education and youth oriented programs, teens and young adults are offered opportunities to positively impact the society they live in.

Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji’s message of peace achieved through Brahm Gyan – Self-Realization, has spread through India, Europe and North America. It is his goal to bring salvation to all and put “humanity” back into each individual. The technique of Brahm Gyan – Self-Realization is available for all. Through his dedicated disciples and followers, the message of peace continues to be spread and Brahm Gyan continues to be imparted.