Bliss Body – Anandamaya

Anandamaya kosha, the bliss body represents the state of an individual who is living their true self. One who has pierced through the illusion and well on their way to liberation. It is them in true essence that live a life of bliss. Making ananda/bliss a living part of our daily experience is possible for all.


Imagine how it would feel to know exactly what to do in each situation? When one lives connected to their true self, the source; they truly live a life of bliss. This body can be accessed either inside out or from outside in. All the other bodies have to be in an optimum state to access or tap into the bliss body. Brahm gyan is an ancient vedic technique that enables one to access the bliss body from inside out. It provides a connection to the bliss body and as this connection deepens, one conducts themselves from this body. this indirectly helps bring the rest of the bodies to an optimum state to make the journey to liberation quicker.