Aspire for the Supreme Lord


A few people had come to seek an audience with Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji. The majority of these people had a worldly mindset. Their thought process was materialistic. Thus, their questions were also worldly – Maharaj Ji, the factory is closed for a long time, what should we do? Maharaj Ji, we have not been able to find a suitable match for our daughter, what should we do? The nature of their questions did not change, and they continued asking about similar things. After some time, Maharaj Ji said in a gentle tone – “I feel that all of you are more in need of an astrologer or pandit or tantric, and not a SatGuru (True Guru)”. Listening to this, the entire room was filled with pin-drop silence.

Maharaj Ji then himself broke that silence and said – “You have been asking these questions for quite some time. I will now ask only two questions from you: First, why does fish lay eggs at the lowermost level, i.e., on the bed of ocean?” One of them answered with hesitation – Maharaj Ji, due to safety reasons”. Maharaj Ji said “That’s right. A small and trivial organism like fish is so careful and concerned about leading its life. This small creature also applies its mind so much. Then, when we are the supreme creation of God and the crown of this world, should we not have a deeper inquisitiveness towards our human life? You should have asked “Maharaj Ji, what is the path of spirituality? What is Brahm Gyan Maharaj Ji? Where can I find my well being?”

Maharaj Ji said that our curiosity should be of the stature of the “Human” plane and we should not let it fall to that of the “Animal” plane. Shri Maharaj Ji continued – “My second question – Why does fish come to the surface of the ocean and turn upside down?” Everyone looked at each other. Nobody had the answer. Then Maharaj Ji answered: “Because by doing this the thirsty fish can quench its thirst.

Similarly, when swimming in this ocean-like world, if we also want to quench the thirst of our soul, then this is the only medium; there is no other way. The way is to become inward-looking and not outward. Do a reverse flip and get inside your true self and this is solely possible through Brahm Gyan.

Therefore, if you want to aspire for something then, Athato Brahm Jigyasa, i.e., aspire for the Supreme Lord. Have inquisitiveness towards understanding Brahm Gyan. Indeed, rightly said, without the Guru, Gyan or Divine Knowledge is not possible. Without the Guru, Moksha is not possible. Without the Guru, Truth cannot be understood. Without the Guru, vices cannot be eliminated.