Words of Wisdom by Sadhvi Bhavya

Holi Resolution

Holi is the Festival of Colors. It is the festival of benevolence and harmony. It is the festival of togetherness (companionship). It is the time to make a positive resolution. Once, a disciple called Maharaj Ji to offer greetings for the Holi festival. Maharaj Ji blessed him and said, "Do you know that whenever a festival or an auspicious day...
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Whatever Role is Made for Us, We Have to Play It

At this time, history is being shaped and we all have a chance to play a character.  In this play, we should act as a positive character and not of a negative entity.  Make every effort, observe every action cautiously and awaken this though in your heart – whatever role is made for us, we have to play it.  We have to be the characte...
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Mindful Eating

How we eat our food plays an important role in how we digest that food. We receive most of our energy from the food we eat but how much attention do we pay to how we eat it? We live in a culture where food is eaten on the go preventing us from chewing it, digesting it and receiving the nutrients from it properly. Here are a few tips to eating mindf...
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Raise Spiritual Children

With so much unrest in the world today, such as global warming, climate change, increased violence, and rising health issues, there is no doubt we need to stop and reassess how we think and talk, as well as what we say and do. Crises, whether they are personal or worldwide, have forced people to think about the deeper meaning of life . If we can ra...
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Grow Through What You Go Through

When something good happens in your life, such as receiving a promotion or getting engaged, what do you do in those situations? Maybe you get excited, dance, and tell everyone the good news. But on the contrary, what do you do when you receive some bad news? What if you didn't get the promotion you were looking for or you end up with an illness? Wh...
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Cultivate the Virtue of Gratitude

The poet Mirza Ghalib wrote, "I have a thousand desires, all worth dying for. Many of them have been fulfilled, yet they are not nearly enough." The substance expressed in these lines is not ordinary. It expresses the feelings of dissatisfaction and lack of contentment. "A thousand desires, all worth dying for." A human being has endless desires. H...
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Connect to the Divine Name

We tend to do sumiran only when needed. Sumiran is dwelling upon the name of God, which is awakened in our being by the immense blessing of the True Guru. Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, through his divine inspirations, explained to one of his disciples that like a farmer waters the land, clears it, and then sows seeds in it, after which a single seed gi...
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A sister beheld this divine experience which sums up the essence of the journey that we need to take on the path of devotion. She saw herself as a small child walking in a park. Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji had held her hand and he was walking ahead and taking her along. In the center of that walking path was a large pond. She was extremely happy walki...
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​ ​ Several exclusive abilities are hidden inside humans. There is an inner light within all. Gurus and masters come into our lives to awaken this light within us. By making His disciple his own reflection, the Satguru wants to shape him into a legend of this era. He wants to make him courageous, into one who can shatter their troubles into pieces....
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The Guru placed you in the practice of service (Sewa) to rid you of your arrogance as it is the only medicine to treat this disease. However, when you relate Sewa (service) with a sense of pride achievement, and a demonstration of your potential, then the result is that sewa also becomes a mere expression of gross work. Those services are supposed ...
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The Guru is not the architect that collects raw stones to carve an idol out of it. He is that architect who uses these stones to create a replica of Himself. The Guru makes the disciple an expression of his own self, his "abhivyakti". In the Hindi dictionary, the word "abhivyakti" means to emerge and to enlighten. Every disciple yearns to become th...
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If anyone's love in this Universe is selfless and complete, it is that of the Guru alone. In order to refine and beautify the disciple's life, the Guru extends His infinite grace. There is no holy book or orator in this universe that can encapsulate the glory of the Guru. Indeed, the whole universe constantly sings the glory and majesty of the Guru...
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Sumiran Will Make You Unparalleled Warriors!

One time, someone asked Shri Maharaj Ji, "Maharaj Ji, why is it that some people start on this path but are unable to sustain themselves on it?" His Holiness replied, "Those people do not bind themselves with rules and principles. They do not live disciplined lives. They do not walk this path while keeping their mind stable and peaceful. That ...
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The Guru Makes Impossible Work Become Possible

There are many examples where you find a disciple who changed the course of history with his ability. Made the impossible into a possibility. The biggest example of this is the revered Hanuman Ji. Once someone asked Hanuman Ji, that when he was standing at the shore of the ocean, he was quiet and peaceful, and later he roared like a lion, again and...
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Failure is Not Having a Goal to Accomplish

Today, it is our great fortune that a great mystic, a sculptor, has taken us in his expert hands. When a disciple starts to walk on the path of enlightenment, sometimes he becomes upset, tired, and puzzled. Do you know why? It is because we continuously think of our vices. By behaving this way, alas, what can we do for Maharaj Ji? We are unable to ...
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The Guru Builds the Disciple with His Faith

Once a boy came back from his school and gave a letter to his mother, which his teacher had given to him. The mother opened the letter and started reading. The boy innocently asked, "Mother, what is written in the letter?" Smiling, the mother replied, "My son, in the letter it is mentioned that your child is very intelligent. In our school, we don'...
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Only the Master Thinks the Best for His Disciple

The Master is the one who enables one to know the true meaning of discipleship. His Holiness, Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji says, " In this entire universe, the Master is the one capable to think the best for his disciple ". The Master does what is in the best interests of the disciple. Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji often gives an example of the giraffe. It ...
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Build The Unbreakable Bond of True Love

In this context (of building one strong and unbreakable bond of true love to the Guru), Shri Maharaj Ji cites the beautiful example of the cuckoo. The cuckoo lays its eggs in the nest of the crow. Once the eggs hatch, the cuckoo sings in a sweet voice. The moment the chicks of the cuckoo hears those melodious notes, they fly to the cuckoo, who is t...
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Drown In The Ocean of Love

When it comes to offering our love, then, why is it so that our love for the Guru is not as pure or as clear? Let us close our eyes and glance into our hearts and honestly discern whether our True Guru "alone" is the Lord of that space. Are we really doing that prem-sadhna which is marked by purity? The truth is that we have established so many rel...
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Gyan (knowledge) and Prem (love): Two sides of the same coin

It is true that most of us are sincerely trying to meditate in this time of trial. However, why are we still not able to completely connect with our Guru and establish a concrete bond with Him? The answer to this is that along with dhyan-sadhna (focused meditation), we must also do prem-sadhna (devotional meditation and love for the Guru). Doing on...
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