Words of Wisdom by Sadhvi Bhavya

Drown In The Ocean of Love


When it comes to offering our love, then, why is it so that our love for the Guru is not as pure or as clear? Let us close our eyes and glance into our hearts and honestly discern whether our True Guru "alone" is the Lord of that space. Are we really doing that prem-sadhna which is marked by purity?

The truth is that we have established so many relationships and given them a place in our hearts, that there is no space left for the Guru. When we started walking on this path, we made a firm declaration that we will tie a true bond with him. But it is really sad that along the way, we have undertaken so many connections that we have overlooked the deepest connection of all. Though we say guru-brother and guru-sister, but the "guru" has almost been forgotten. Every moment of ours is dedicated to these relations. We have left no time and place in our lives for the Guru.

We do not see that His Holiness, our Guru is forever yearning for our unadulterated love. He is always looking towards us waiting for the moment when we will offer him our true and pure devotion! He stands at the door of our hearts, ever-accepting, and ever-generous, but did we ever understand his pain? We see our pain, but not his pain. We have shared so many times our pains with the Guru, but did we ever try to peer into his heart? We have so many people to share our pain and sorrow with, but did we ever give him the opportunity to share with us his feelings? Could we become his real companions, his real associates, with whom he could share his feelings? We never give him that place and opportunity! It is indeed the irony, a matter of grief!

On the contrary, Maharaj Ji gave his every single moment to us! Even if we see from an outer perspective, then, Shri Maharaj Ji had a family. But he never talked of that family. He always called and loved us as his family. So, are we not obliged to offer the same to him? Is it not expected from us that we too surrender all our feelings, emotions, and love to him? Did we ever attempt to make such an offering, that Maharaj Ji, if you have forsaken everything for us, then we also surrender ourselves to you, fully! Perhaps not! Never! Probably that is the reason a poet was compelled to write these lines and express his pain:

He offered Himself as the ocean of love, but what kind of right we enforce on his love? Despite receiving His boundless love, still, it is the world that is dearer to us. He forsakes his all and everything for us, but we could not forsake anything for Him! Even after receiving the rays of the Supreme Knowledge, we could not wake up from the slumber of ignorance! For us, our relations weigh far more than his unconditional love! He offered himself as the ocean of love, but what kind of right we enforce on his love? Renouncing his comforts, he spent his every moment to help us grow and develop! But we continue to grow on the scale of lethargy and indolence. Established on the pinnacle of renunciation, he is waiting for us, but we are constantly being drawn by the sensory pleasures. Sadhna (meditation) of a few hours appears to us difficult and burdensome, while He has established himself into the highest state of tapasya! He offered himself as the ocean of love but what kind of right we enforce on his love? He is alert and active in every moment while we have hours to while away. We are lost in making fun and merry while he is ever engrossed to serve humanity! He is the divine embodiment of simplicity and truth while we are egoistic and plunged into falsity. He offered himself as the ocean of love but what kind of right have we enforced on his love? There is so vast a difference between Him and us. But how will we become his? Is it really a matter of concern for us that when we will be able to fill our hearts with pure love for him?

This era has given us the chance to stand the test of true love and devotion. He offered himself as the ocean of love, but what kind of right do we enforce on his love? Despite receiving his boundless love, still, it is the world that is dearer to us. Shri Maharaj Ji is desirous of our innocent and true love for him. He wants such prem-sadhna from us which is dedicated to him and him alone, where there is no place for anything and anyone else! A seeker who blends his dhyan-sadhna with prem-sadhna can never go astray from the path of bhakti. This is certain. No temptation can ever drift him. Why? Because he truly loves his Master. Thus, dear sadhaks, please begin your practice. Along with gyan-sadhna, now strengthen your prem-sadhna as well. Let us break all those strings of attachment that we have tied to various people and various places. Instead, let us build one strong and unbreakable bond of true love that will tie us eternally to the feet of His Holiness.

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