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Mindful Eating

How we eat our food plays an important role in how we digest that food. We receive most of our energy from the food we eat but how much attention do we pay to how we eat it? We live in a culture where food is eaten on the go preventing us from chewing it, digesting it and receiving the nutrients from it properly. Here are a few tips to eating mindf...
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Secret to Happiness

Gratitude and Patience. When someone asks, "What must I do in order to live a happy and fulfilling life?" The answer is to have Gratitude and Patience. When we go out and celebrate special occasions with our loved ones, or have a laugh with friends, we feel joyous and become very happy. A few days later, however, that feeling starts to disappear fr...
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Cultivate the Virtue of Gratitude

The poet Mirza Ghalib wrote, "I have a thousand desires, all worth dying for. Many of them have been fulfilled, yet they are not nearly enough." The substance expressed in these lines is not ordinary. It expresses the feelings of dissatisfaction and lack of contentment. "A thousand desires, all worth dying for." A human being has endless desires. H...
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