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How Does the Law of Karma Work?

Newton's Law of Motion ​ says: ​" For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction " . When you push against a wall, the wall is exerting the same amount of force against you. This is a universal law; it can be applied in all situations. Therefore, it can also be applied in our lives. We can call it the Law of Karma. If you put your hand on...
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The Guru Builds the Disciple with His Faith

Once a boy came back from his school and gave a letter to his mother, which his teacher had given to him. The mother opened the letter and started reading. The boy innocently asked, "Mother, what is written in the letter?" Smiling, the mother replied, "My son, in the letter it is mentioned that your child is very intelligent. In our school, we don'...
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How To Find Everlasting Happiness?

Can happiness be derived from the world, such as relationships, achievements etc., be compared to the same happiness from God? Saints and scriptures say that the worship of God is the most pleasing and gratifying experience. Without devotional worship, one cannot extract the nectar of life nor can he experience ultimate bliss. The importance of lif...
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Only the Master Thinks the Best for His Disciple

The Master is the one who enables one to know the true meaning of discipleship. His Holiness, Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji says, " In this entire universe, the Master is the one capable to think the best for his disciple ". The Master does what is in the best interests of the disciple. Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji often gives an example of the giraffe. It ...
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Meditation – The lifeline for the Dark Era (Kalyug)

The dark era of Kalyug is characterized by a decline or an increasing overshadowing of the purity and divinity in humans. Spirituality degenerates and materialism escalates; humility is lost, and egoism has no restrictions; kindness and compassion are scorned, and selfishness is unbounded; generosity and goodwill are tainted with escalating greed a...
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The Enigmatic Presence of the Satguru

Do you know what happened when Kung Fu met his master Van Pho for the first time? Kung Fu's words disappeared. Friend Cee-Lo asked Kung Fu, "You wanted to meet master Van Pho for so long, you wanted to talk with him, then why did you not ask him anything?" Kung Fu replied, "We use speech to address the entire world. For the omniscient one, we don't...
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Build The Unbreakable Bond of True Love

In this context (of building one strong and unbreakable bond of true love to the Guru), Shri Maharaj Ji cites the beautiful example of the cuckoo. The cuckoo lays its eggs in the nest of the crow. Once the eggs hatch, the cuckoo sings in a sweet voice. The moment the chicks of the cuckoo hears those melodious notes, they fly to the cuckoo, who is t...
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Drown In The Ocean of Love

When it comes to offering our love, then, why is it so that our love for the Guru is not as pure or as clear? Let us close our eyes and glance into our hearts and honestly discern whether our True Guru "alone" is the Lord of that space. Are we really doing that prem-sadhna which is marked by purity? The truth is that we have established so many rel...
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Gyan (knowledge) and Prem (love): Two sides of the same coin

It is true that most of us are sincerely trying to meditate in this time of trial. However, why are we still not able to completely connect with our Guru and establish a concrete bond with Him? The answer to this is that along with dhyan-sadhna (focused meditation), we must also do prem-sadhna (devotional meditation and love for the Guru). Doing on...
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Disable the Wings of Mind

Like the parrot who was picking off its wing feathers was because it wanted to make sure that it doesn't fly away from his Guru, we too need to disable our wings of buddhi (vacillating mindset). Unless we do that, take it in writing, these wings will certainly take us away from the path shown by our Guru. But how do we do that? How do we look past ...
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Gender Equality Starts With Self Realization

Gender Equality Starts With Self Realization
T oday, I have a letter to share with you. A letter of a life that would have been with us but could not make it. A letter from an unborn girl child. She says:            "I was killed for a crime that I did not commit. Rather, for a crime that wasn't a crime at all. I quietly lay in the dingy room hoping to see the be...
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Tune Yourself to The Guru

Who understood this design (incidence of Agni Pariksha – trial by fire) of Lord Ram? It was after two ages that Goswami Tulsidas realized the essence of this entire event and mentioned it in Shri Ram Charit Manas. How could he comprehend? It was because he did not try to analyze it with his limited wisdom but bowed down to the Guru and tuned himsel...
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Can We Comprehend God in His Saguna (formed) State?

We must remember that the Nirguna (formless state of God) is yet comprehensible, but not the Saguna (form) one! Saint Tulsidas writes in the Ram Charit Manas – "Nirguna roop sulabh ati saguna janne nahi koi" – that the formless state of God, which is the brilliant light, is easy to identify. There is no ambiguity in it at all. But when God descends...
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Divine Revolution

Shri Maharaj Ji commenced the propagation of Gyan in the decade of 1980. Gradually, the inquisitives joined this caravan. It was in 1991 that Shri Maharaj Ji's mission of World Peace took a concrete shape in the form of a registered organization. Maharaj Ji gave a name to this mission, which we today know as "Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS)". T...
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The Elixir of Brahm Gyan

It was almost thirty years ago when the mission was still in its initial stage, that his Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji instructed his disciples to spread the elixir of Brahm Gyan (Divine Knowledge) among the masses. At that time, Gyan diksha (Initiation process) was imparted after attending merely 4 to 5 discourses (i.e., satsangs). A disc...
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Before You Chose Guru; He Chose You!

Once a disciple was sitting with Guru Maharaj Ji and with folded hands, he asked Maharaj Ji how would we know that we are walking on this path steadfastly? How will we know that you are happy with us; that we are progressing in the right manner? Maharaj Ji told him – "See, three kinds of people walk on this path. First, those who have divine qualit...
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How Is Money Related To Spirituality?

Once a visitor supplicated to Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji for wealth, riches, and luxuries as these were his deepest desires. Maharaj smiled at him and said that the Almighty does not make people rich so that they can use that wealth for their personal desires alone. He makes them rich so that the wealth can be used to further the cause of Dharma and ...
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Only the SatGuru Can Show Us the Way

"Ask those exalted noble souls the description of the path - Those who are in the middle of two stone slabs of the wheat mill. They will not be able to show us the path. That life is no life in which we are not able to liberate ourselves"    ~   Shri Ashutosh Maharaj ji Those who are in between the stone slabs of a wheat mill, t...
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Aspire for the Supreme Lord

A few people had come to seek an audience with Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji. The majority of these people had a worldly mindset. Their thought process was materialistic. Thus, their questions were also worldly – Maharaj Ji, the factory is closed for a long time, what should we do? Maharaj Ji, we have not been able to find a suitable match for our daugh...
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“Affluenza” - The Most Dangerous Virus

"Some revel in wealth and power, some enjoy premier positions; But this wealth, power and grandeur are meaningless; If one does not work for the welfare or rescue of others; That life is no life in which we are not able to liberate ourselves" You must have heard of influenza, the virus. In 1970's, Oxford Dictionary added a new word to their list - ...
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