The ancient Vedic texts have depicted the Shakti or Energetic Power as female.  This is a potent indication that women were held in high esteem in ancient societies and have always been important contributors to society through the ages.

A shift has taken place in today’s society.  Women are no longer valued as equal contributors to the well-being of the spiritual, political, economic and social fabric that makes up a society.  As 50% of the world’s population, we have to question why the role of women have been diminished so that she is no longer equal to that of her male counterparts.

Recognizing and bringing awareness to the social and cultural issues surrounding women’s role in society is important to breaking the cycle of inequality.  Through education, we strive to lead women back to their rightful place as equal partners.

A peaceful society can only be achieved when all of its members contribute to its well-being.

Free To Be

Free To Be offers women an opportunity to speak, share, and express themselves vocally, on paper and through mindful movement. It is a positive, judgement free space that affords women the chance to expand, accept themselves, improve confidence and let go of debilitating attitudes so that the innate radiant light within is set free, to be.

Through this Workshop, women understand what makes them unique and also that all are equal and spiritually connected.

Oneness. Equality. It is about growing, evolving, expanding and sharing the exhilarating journey of life.

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