What are the benefits of Meditation and Yoga?

In meditation, one is able to experience the self, after which one will be able to put into perspective that which leads to a peaceful and stress-free life; ultimately achieving bliss and tranquility through a balanced mind and healthy lifestyle.

Yoga means Union; the harmonization of the powers of the body, mind & soul so that we can function as a complete unlimited human being.

How can I learn Meditation?

Meditation cannot be learned, it can only be experienced. In order to perceive it one must seek the guidance of a Guru.

What is a Guru?

The word Guru is derived from the ancient language Sanskrit; “gu” means darkness and “ru” means light. A Guru is the spiritual master who takes you from darkness to light. Guru is the one who is fully enlightened and can enlighten those who come to him, just as a lit candle can light another candle.

Why do I need a Guru to progress on the spiritual path?

In life to truly progress in any field you must find a good teacher. A guru is someone who has perfected the art of meditation. Under his guidance a student finds the path that leads to success in the journey within.

How do you identify a Guru?

A guru is not identified by his clothes, appearance, nationality, age, gender, etc. The only identification of a true master is holding the power to enlighten another being.

What is enlightenment?

Enlightenment is not something external. Enlightenment is the awakening of the eternal spirit within. At the moment of initiation, the master will open your third eye through a physical touch, allowing you to experience divine light within your own body. This marks the beginning of you spiritual journey.

What are the Prerequisites of Enlightenment?

There are no prerequisites; the only thing the master requires is to have the desire and enthusiasm for self-realization.

How much does it cost to receive Brahm Gyan?

Enlightenment is provided free of cost. We believe that enlightenment is priceless and is the birth right of mankind. We have received it as a gift from the Guru and would like for you to receive it too.

Is there a commitment?

None to the organization.  The only commitment is to yourself and your desire to advance in spirituality through meditation.

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