Guru Purnima: A Spiritual Festival of Gratitude at the Divine Light World Ashram in New York

What Is Guru Purnima?

Guru Purnima (or Guru Puja) is a spiritual festival dedicated to offering gratitude and devotion to Guru. The term Guru Purnima comes from the ancient Sanskrit language. Guru means One who takes you from darkness to light and Purnima means full moon.

On the full moon of July 3, 2023, people around the world celebrated Guru Purnima. It is a special day for devotees to strengthen their relationship with their Guru and renew their dedication to spiritual growth.

Guru Purnima

Why Is It Important To Have A Guru?

To make progress on our spiritual journey, we need an enlightened teacher to light up our path and show us the way. We all have the capacity for deep spiritual experiences but we need a spiritual master to activate this inside us.

A Guru can awaken your third eye and open you up to your true existence beyond the physical self. With this Brahm Gyan initiation, the Guru creates an eternal bond with the new disciple. This sacred connection with Guru brings bliss, peace, and a deeper purpose in life. Guru Purnima is an opportunity to show love and gratitude to Guru for offering us this grace.

At Divine Light World, our Guru and Founder is Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji. He is an enlightened Master who has helped thousands of people worldwide awaken to their true Self and experience inner peace.

dance performance

NY Senator John Liu

Guru Purnima Celebrations at Divine Light World Ashram

On July 8, 2023, joyful celebrations were held at the Divine Light World ashram in Jamaica, New York to pay homage to Guru Dev Maharaj Ji. The community gathered together to honor Guru for blessing them with Brahm Gyan (divine knowledge) and guiding their path.

It was a holy day of Bhajans (spiritual hymns), mantras, inspirational discourses, joyful dancing, and delicious food. A diverse gathering of devotees filled the ashram with uplifting, passionate energy. The celebration was attended by disciples from all over North America. We were honored to have New York State Senator John Liu attend with his family to partake in the cultural festivities. Devotees from all over the world also tuned in virtually to witness the auspicious occasion from afar.

Preachers Preachers

Spiritual Teachings on Guru Purnima

Our spiritual teachers gave inspirational talks amidst the energetic performances. Sadhvi Bhavya, Sadhvi Puneeta,Sadhvi Om, and Swami Ji Radeshwaranand all shared their wisdom with the community.

Sadhvi Bhavya shared how being present and receptive opens us up to receive the many blessings that Guru showers upon us. She explained how chanting mantras in Sanskrit impacts our body and brain to help us feel peace and bliss.

Sadhvi Puneeta told the story of Yogananda’s realization that Guru is the top priority in life. We can travel anywhere in the world, but Enlightenment comes only through Guru. Guru is whole and complete; he does not need anything from his disciples, and yet he offers us unconditional love and grace. “So in the Lotus feet of our master that has taken us incomplete beings on the Journey of manhood to godhood, let us hail in the Lotus feet of our Master.”

Sadhvi Om urged the community to focus on the eternal treasure of God. In our modern world, we have so much smart technology but it does not always help us to make smart decisions. As devotees, we should not get distracted by the external world but instead, give our focus and our heart to Guru.

Finally, Swami Radeshwaranand told a story of a devotee’s yearning for connection with Guru. No matter what Guru had to sacrifice, he did so to fulfill that pure desire of his follower. He listens to our prayers and gives us his boundless love and compassion. “The Compassion he has, the love he has, we cannot measure with our small intellect and mind.”

Overall, the teachings taught us to focus on our spiritual path and prioritize our Guru, who offers endless love and blessings on our journey. From the insightful lessons to the spectacular performances, it was a Guru Purnima to remember!


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