Often we are asked “what kind of yoga do you teach?” The simple and only answer we have is that we teach “Yoga”.

Yoga was never meant to be a form of exercise. In fact, yoga is the journey of spirituality in its entirety. It is the transition of living in the world of this senses to living in the realm of the soul.

The Indian Sage Patanjali is known as the creator of the Eight-Fold paths of Yoga, also known as the Yoga Sutras. The path encompasses everything from cleanliness and honesty, to stretching out the body, to control of the breath and mind. By actively participating in each aspect of the Yoga Sutras, an individual is able to build their concentration, sit in stillness and experience their true “Self”. This journey eventually, immerses the individual into the Supreme Consciousness.

Performing some of the steps and not all, leads to an incomplete transformation. When an individual receives Brahm Gyan, the energy/prana is awakened or permitted to commence its true work as the vital transformative spiritual energy. This coupled with the yogic asanas, enables the energy to flow to various areas in our body - healing the cells and priming the Self for eventual surrender, realization and enlightenment.

The path of yoga is not linear in nature. When one receives Brahm Gyan, spiritual evolution becomes dynamic with healing and growth occurring simultaneously. 

The Divine Light Awakening Center is here to support you on your spiritual journey by providing you with the COMPLETE experience of yoga and no matter where you are on your life’s path, we can definitely enhance your growth.

Understanding Patanjali Yoga Sutras

Course starts on the 1st of each month

Understand the eight fold path of yoga outlined by Patanjali. Each day you will receive guidance on how to apply his teachings and live a yogic life. Suggested donation: $20


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